Let’s collaborate to organize a Converging Roads conference in your city or diocese.

The St. John Paul II Foundation offers all of its initiatives in a spirit of collaborative ministry aiming to complement the evangelization efforts of local dioceses and institutions where our respective missions overlap. We are pleased to explore the possibility of working together with you to bring a Converging Roads conference to your area.

As a national initiative, Converging Roads is organized in collaboration with a diocese and, where possible, a Catholic hospital, Catholic university, and the local Catholic Medical Association guild.  These institutions work together as sponsoring partners to respond to the ethical needs of the community. This approach allows Converging Roads to first listen and then to respond by crafting a conference around the specific needs of the local medical community.

If you are a diocese, a hospital, a university, a member if the Catholic Medical Association or an interested health care professional, and would like to consider the possibility of a Converging Roads conference in your area, please fill at the form and we will get back to you.

Let us work together to inspire medical professionals to realize the highest medical and ethical standards so that they may grow in holiness and build the culture of life and love!

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