Converging Roads is a national conference series that equips medical professionals to realize the highest ethical standards of their profession

Converging Roads meets the needs of medical professionals, by teaching the best of Catholic health care ethics. Beyond unfolding the Church’s teaching on various ethical dilemmas, Converging Roads also employs natural law language enabling medical professionals to talk creatively across sectarian boundaries charitably engaging their colleagues regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.

Our Objectives

The objectives necessary to realize Converging Roads’ goals are as follows and proceed from what is most basic and essential to what is most applicable and practical. They reflect a deliberate progression grounding what we do in who we are.  

  • To recognize that love is the animating principle of authentic  Catholic Health Care
  • To affirm that this love is a participation in the divine love of Jesus Christ, who came to heal the whole person, body, mind and soul
  • To proclaim that this healing requires an affirmation of the dignity of the person from conception to natural death
  • To reveal the true meaning of human dignity as it is expressed in the natural law and interpreted through the revelation of Jesus Christ as entrusted to His Church
  • To exercise our mission within the context of the Catholic moral tradition in service and submission to the Church.
  • To implement the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care as those directives pertain to the Converging Roads’ mission
  • To equip health care professionals with the ability to realize the highest medical standards of their profession
  • To offer professional educational conferences in bioethics so that health care professionals can provide the very best care for our patients.